Is it merely a man with a womb? Or so much more..

Is it a dressing room that everyone goes in to wrap themselves with humanity before they come and face the world? Is she a structure strong enough to tabernacle a being for months, and not only do that but love and nourish someone that they have never seen or met before in their life. She allows to be controlled by this new tenant within her. She loves them so much that she worries not about suspending her diet and subscribing to their cravings.

What manner of love she has, permitting the tenant to drag her to sleep at anytime with no complaints.

No doute she did not imagined that there would be this kind of bond established between them when she made the tenant sign a 9 month lease. When it is due time for the tenant to vacate to what is called the ‘real world’, she can’t help but take it upon herself to protect what she has been incubating within her for the longest time. She wants no harm to come to them. At their knee they would get the basis of their identity. they would get love and embrace that the would never get anywhere else in the world except from that woman.

But wait a minute, is that all that constitutes a woman? Being a good land lord for 9 months and an overseerer of their offsprings life? What about that one who never carrys a baby but is a pillar of strength for the many children that would walk through her path? Or when she is a voice of reason to everyone who is on a verge of self distruction. those are the qualities of a real woman, a strong bridge that all those who walk through know that they wil make it to the other side safely. She who when she opens her mouth one can be sure that you will be medicated no matter what kind of ailment you may be suffering from. Woman are born with an in built sense to nurture and care. At times it is done at an expense of their own happiness. A woman puts no limit to execute these two in born tasks. She is an emotional being. when she loves, she loves for real. a species that is able to put it’self in the other’s shoes and feel their pain. So fragile and yet so strong. A woman is able to carry a family, a woman is capable of making ends meet. A woman has an eye to see where she is needed. She has a nose that is able to smell trouble from afar. She can listen with her ears but hear what your saying in your soul. She has hands that shelter with just one embrace. She uses her mouth to translate the treasures of her heart. Her shoulders are broad enough to lift and carry. She is unquestionably the back bone of everyone who leans against her. However, above all she is a praying warrior. Her knees are hard and not from kneeling to clean but for praying for her next of kin. That is a woman and not only a woman but a real woman.

Not only do we bring beuty in every corner that we occupy but stability. You know a solution has walked in when a woman steps in the room. You can rest assured that even if she can’t help you change the circumstance, she will make you see the light at the end of the tunnel. And while your still walking through the dark, she will strengthen and guide your footsteps. That is a woman. Not just a woman but a real woman.


A better woman wanna be

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