The enemy we must embrace

You came in like a flood, before we knew it you had swept the whole universe. You left no race, culture, and age group unturned.

You did not come empty handed, you had segregation and suspicion as you’re travelling companions.

You deliberately increased the physical space to a world already apart. You held us gun point in to a hiding.

Our lives came to a stand still due to the intensity of your wrath. squashing humanity from the face of the earth was your purpose, and you left no room for speculation.

You snatched our human need to socialise. Handshakes, hugs and kisses are a thing of the past.

However, we appreciate the lessons you came with. You reminded us that personal hygiene is a necessity and not a luxury.

I know now better than to be glued to my phone in the presence of others. The one above all is I now appreciate life even more than I did prior covid 19.

Yes, we will comply with your fancy terminologies of oppression. Social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine, all the same we will do.

Not for long though, humanity has proven time and time again that we rise from the ashes. Not world war 1, neither world war 2 could swallow us from existence.

The very hands that we are compelled to wash every now again will be the very same that we join to fight your attempts.

We may embrace you now, be submissive to your demands, but don’t be deceived, you are an enemy we intend to defeat.

The belief that we will be able to socialise, embrace one another with no suspicion keeps us going.

Social distancing will be a thing of the past once we put a shut down on you.

Quarantine survivors

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